About us

The Department of Project Management and Technology Transfer is the youngest part of the CTU Rector´s Office. Prof. Konvalinka, CTU Rector, initiated the establishment of the department in order to unify and centralize project preparation and management and technology transfer at CTU. The department seeks project opportunities, provides support to project leaders, offers commercialization of scientific results, administrates IP protection and manages innovative projects in CTU incubator.

Department activities:

  • preparation and management of research, development and innovation projects related to the whole university and support of project leaders
  • monitoring of national and international project opportunities for CTU
  • industrial technology transfer
  • scientific result commercialization
  • contracted research
  • IP protection, patent centre
  • industry collaboration
  • CTU incubator
  • international collaboration

Pursuant to Section 22 (1) (d) of Act No. 111/1998 Coll., the Rector´s Office ensures operation of the university. In accordance with the rules and obligations of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, other state authorities, applicable legislation and internal CTU regulations, the Rector´s Office provides methodology and coordination services to CTU faculties and institutes.